DVD's and Books on Pregnancy and Birth

Childbirth and Breastfeeding Visuals:

Information and Inspiration!

Open hearts and minds with these emotionally compelling and visually eloquent DVDs. Show the wisdom, beauty,
power and trust of birth and breastfeeding. These DVDs express the essence of what you are teaching... in 3 1/2 minutes!
Excellent for beginning and closing of classes and presentations. Show them again and again, as affirmations! Carry copies
of DVDs with you when visiting clients. They may want to buy their own DVD. 

EPIC WOMEN gives witness to the deep efforts of labor. Women active in their bodies, passionate in feelings, with courage
to bear the pain, and strength to be strong. Trusting themselves. Here is majesty and dignity of women in the daily, epic
work of bringing life into this world. There is no equivalent. The power of these moments is choreographed to Bette Midler
singing “The Rose.”

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Birth is Nature. Powerful. Elemental. Profound. Giving birth is an act of nature lived by woman and babe opening to the
realms of creation. Nature comes from the Latin word Natus, “to be born.” Flowers blooming and new life emerging share
primal reality. OF NATURE AND BIRTH gives sight to this splendid beauty of women opening to the birth of life. These
moments are choreographed to a chorus of women chanting “I Am Opening Up In Sweet Surrender To This Beautiful Baby
In My Womb.”

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From newborn to toddler, MORE THAN FOOD brings to sight emotional and social realms of breastfeeding, in a diversity of
family experiences.Delicious moments of love and beauty.Nursing woman gives nourishment beyond food, as mother and
babe continue to share the deep touch of birth in the wisdom of breastfeeding.“More Than Food” provides childbirth
educators, lactation consultants and educators, doulas, midwives and nurses with visual information to inspire, encourage
and teach. Photographs are choreographed to the music of "Morning Has Broken."

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Brought to Earth by Birth

See the exquisite realm of  pregnancy, labor and birth through these poignant black & white photographs.
Feel the power of  poetry giving words to the beauty and profound nature of the primal experience that brings each of us
into this life. We all share together the wonder of being born!

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“With simplicity and grace this book far exceeds the boundaries of its pages by encouraging us
to embrace birth as a natural and life-affirming process. It has the power to speak to the souls
of new parents and seasoned birth professionals alike.”           Sunday Tortelli – DONA

"I love this book and you will too. Harriette Hartigan's keen eye and simple yet profound words
bring us new insight to ponder the poignancy and wonder that characterize pregnancy, birth and
new life. I think if everyone would read this book, we'd have less violence and more love in this
world."  Penny Simkin

"Awesome read! Harriette Hartigan artfully weaves exquisite photography with softly written
prose, capturing the essence of the birthing family... packed with emotions from the pregnant
state to the birthing experience and beyond."   Bernadette Clark, RNC, CD (DONA)

"I am so grateful  to you that you have provided me a way to relive my precious, beautiful,
peaceful birth. A way to remind me how powerful, life changing and intensely empowering birth
is. Thank you, a million times, thank you."  Melanie Kraut

"Brought to Earth by Birth" is a valuable gift to give pregnant women, fathers-to-be, even a boy
or girl wanting to know where he or she came from. The photographs convey a deep ease and
passion for witnessing women giving birth. Hartigan makes us welcome to look and to feel. And
to know what is possible."  Julia Seng PhD, CNM

"I absolutely LOVE your book!!! It is to me remarkably beautiful, poetic and profound. A pure
joy to read and peruse. I'll read it again and again. In addition, I find it to be incredibly
informative and transformational in looking at the experience of birth. Well Done! " 
Scott Sperlich

“I think if everyone would read this book, we’d have less violence and more love in this world.”      
Penny Simkin